An Indian Eatery with a meaningful purpose!
A unique Farm-to-Table Experience.

3Nutmegs is a result of the culmination of Indian food with the astute sense of world food demand driven by the discerning customers who are at the forefront of the food revolution that is unfolding in front of us in these exciting times for the food industry in general. 

Today, customers are just not looking for empty calories to eat as was the case in the last decade from the giants of the fast-food industry. Our customers are looking for a sweet & rewarding combination of healthy nutrition & culinary taste.

This is where we believe 3Nutmegs has a completely distinctive value proposition for our customers. Our business is driven by simple yet very powerful 6 core values as listed -

  • Win-Win-Win

  • By nature, for nature

  • Keeping it Honest, Authentic & Simple

  • Create a meaningful impact

  • Relentlessly pursue excellence

  • Be Bold, Resourceful, Creative & Innovative in our approach for the business.   


363 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, 1052   |   09-302-3636   |   enquiry@3nutmegs.com


Fresh & Nutritious food is the essence of human health. 

Hence, we prepare fresh vegetables purchased daily in the morning and cooked by the evening. That's home cooking equivalent in a restaurant setting. 

This is very much one of our core value. 

Image by Tatyana Dobreva

Fresh food delivered at your doorstep only at $2.90.

Image by Black Jiracheep

We have crafted a simple yet delightful menu of special Indian Fare for our discerning customers who would like to book us in for the special event of any size either delivered to them on their selected site or served in our fresh and naturally lit place @ 363 Parnell Road. 

Great authentic but original Indian restaurant that only opened a few weeks ago. Really well crafted dishes that are given a special flair. Great menu of multiple regional Indian dishes.

The service is personal and friendly. Well priced. Great atmosphere. Great new addition to the food scene in Parnell!

Niran Argintaru

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